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Shawn Michaels says Crown Jewel isn’t a comeback, it’s a ‘cheat day’

A little bit lost in all the news and controversy surrounding Crown Jewel, WWE’s return to Saudi Arabia on Fri., Nov. 2, is the fact it will be Shawn Michaels first match since March of 2010. For years fans have clamored for the Heartbreak Kid to give us the proverbial “one more match”. Now it’s here, and it’s pretty low on the list of concerns for many fans.

It sounds like that’s just the way Michaels likes it. In the first chapter of an online video diary from WWE chronicling his trip to Riyadh for a tag match with his DX partner Triple H against Undertaker & Kane, HBK talks about the decision to wrestle again. Unlike what we’ve heard for years, he says he doesn’t feel any pressure to live up to his own legend. In fact, he doesn’t even consider this a “comeback”.

What happens in Saudi Arabia stays in Saudi Arabia?

“I’m very thrilled that after 30 years of being with the WWE I still have the opportunity to be a part of things that are happening for the first time, so I don’t look at it as really a comeback. Like everything in this line of work, I’m thankful it’s a bigger deal to other people than it is to me. I think that’s what I guess makes it easier to do and less anxiety.

I will say this - and maybe it’s going to go really badly because there’s no stress, there’s no anxiety, I don’t feel a lot of pressure to be ‘The Showstopper’ to be ‘Mr. WrestleMania.’ Maybe because it’s not at WrestleMania. One of the reasons I agreed to do it, it didn’t encompass all of those things that I feel a ‘comeback’ or a ‘coming out of retirement’ sort of dictates...

... it’s sort of like saying yes to eating chocolate pie. Sometimes, you know, for the most part, you know it’s not as good for you, you try not to have too much of it, but every now and then, you have a cheat day, you enjoy it, and then that’s it. That’s what this is for me, it’s a very glorified cheat day.”

Does that make you more excited for HBK & The Game against the Brothers of Destruction? Were you already pumped? Does this sound like a man excited to perform, or one cashing a big check? What does that mean for future matches beyond Friday?

Like everything surrounding Crown Jewel, there will be a lot of opinions about Michaels’ don’t-call-it-a-comeback. Keep ‘em civil, please.

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