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Becky Lynch retains her title, so Charlotte Flair spears her through a video board

Only a few days after they dueled at Super Show-Down, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair renewed their rivalry in the opening match on SmackDown.

No entrances, no fancy pageantry, just two former friends who to beat the hell out each other to start this week’s episode of SmackDown.

With a “if Lynch is disqualified, she loses the title” stipulation hovering over the match, both women went all out in the title match.

Throughout the first half of the match, Lynch never teased being close to breaking any rules while Flair didn’t even attempt to try and goad the champion into making an unforced error.

Then with the title bout still hanging in the balance, Lynch decided to pick up her title and walk out. Before she could make it very far, Flair dragged the champion back in the ring. The referee in charge of the action then took a small bump and woke up to Lynch possibly getting ready to hit Flair with her title.

To be honest, Lynch was just probably trying to toss her title over the top rope to the safety of the floor below.

Eventually the animosity between both women would lead to both champion and challenger getting counted out.

With the match basically a tie, Flair was not done beating up Lynch and finished off the champion with a vicious spear through the LED board at the top of the entrance ramp. The move left Flair with a vicious cut along her arm and Lynch completely laid out.

So what match stipulation will Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair battle in next?

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