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In case you weren’t already willing to run through a brick wall for Becky Lynch...

Who knows if Vince McMahon is really a fan, and who cares if she’s being booked as a heel. Becky Lynch has been one of WWE’s best characters and promos for a while now, and since attacking Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam, she’s been given the spotlight of a SmackDown Women’s title program to prove it to the world.

If you’re late to the party or still sitting on the fence, I present to you this promo from the Badlass, delivered to get you fired up for her ’if she gets DQ-ed she loses her championship’ match against Flair tonight on SmackDown (Tues., Oct. 9)...

“What do you want me to say, right? Ever since I came to WWE, I have had to scratch and claw my way to get to the top, and every time I’ve gotten to the top, somebody’s swept the rug from under me. People have interfered in my matches time and time again, and used nefarious means time and time again, and I never got rematches. I was never given favorable odds to win. In fact, any time I got to the top, I was taken off TV, I wasn’t put on posters, I wasn’t put on DVDs, I wasn’t put on the billboards, I wasn’t given the appearances that I deserved. I made the SmackDown women’s division what it is today and do I get the credit for it? No. No, in fact, I have to come back from Australia with a jaw that’s been slightly tilted off kilter because I went through a war. And, yes, I used my title to win. But I said I was gonna change things. I said I was gonna do what it takes to be the most dominant women’s champion in all of WWE history and guess what? I did. And okay, the odds are stacked against me, but there’s nothing new there. Because I am the face of WWE, and I’m gonna keep it that way.”

It’s a slightly different spin on the material she’s been delivering for weeks, but it’s a damn fine example of it. Playing a paranoid underdog isn’t an easy tightrope to walk, but here she is doing it, on the fly backstage somewhere. With enough fire to inspire her supporters and enough jealous insecurity to fuel Charlotte’s fanbase.

And using the word “nefarious” with a JAW THAT’S BEEN SLIGHTLY TILTED OFF KILTER!

Is there nothing this woman can’t do?

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