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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Season 2, episode 4

Season two of WWE Mixed Match Challenge continues tonight (Tues., Oct. 9, 2018) with the latest match-ups in the round robin tournament.

Up next: Braun Strowman & Ember Moon (1-0) vs. Bayley & Finn Balor (1-0) and AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair (1-0) vs. Carmella & R-Truth (0-1).

The show starts immediately following SmackDown Live at 10 pm ET on Facebook Watch. See you then!

MMC live blog

Geno here, ready for that comedic action, boss.

Bayley and Balor out first doing each other’s entrance. Renee Young tried to related to Michael Cole musically, but he’s old.

Ember Moon’s entrance wasn’t as effective with the LED lights messed up on the stage set up. Thanks, Charlotte! Braun Strowman is still over in the MMC setting.

Monster Eclipse vs. B’n’B

Bayley was popping off at Ember to start, saying she’s taller. That is true, she is taller. She got the early edge on Moon, so Strowman came in to tussle with Balor. They worked some tandem offense shortly into this, and commentary put them over as one of the best pure teams in the tournament.

Braun used a forearm to put Finn on his ass to a big pop just after.

They cut to the backstage to show us R-Truth all confused about the fact that he has a match tonight and Carmella telling him to get ready for it. Commentary did the fake laugh thing that makes anyone who hears it want to stab themselves in the earhole.

Back to the ring and Strowman was still in control, doing basically whatever he wanted. Finn’s comebacks were centered on attacking the legs and trying to tag out to Bayley. They teased it a bunch before finally delivering on it and Bayley ran wild on Ember once he did. This makes no sense in mixed tags like this. Hot tags shouldn’t work when both wrestlers are fresh, right? On cue, Ember makes a comeback and they go back-and-forth exchanging near falls.

Bayley was the first to hit her finish, with Strowman pulling Ember out of a pin to save his team, tagging himself in in the process. He charged Balor but hit his shoulder on the post and Finn hit Coup de Grace on his back, then followed up with an attempt in the ring that missed. Bayley took Ember down outside the ring but it didn’t matter because Braun was hitting the Running Powerslam in the ring at the same time. That got the pin.

Monster Eclipse def. B’n’B

They tell us that Natalya will have a new partner going forward thanks to the injury suffered by Kevin Owens. Nattie cut a promo saying she needs a new set of paws to help her against Country Dominance, who she and her mystery partner will be wrestling next week. “I just wonder who it is,” she says. So I guess she doesn’t get a choice in the matter.

They’re using it as a big selling point for next week that Natalya will have a mystery partner.

Time for the next match.

Truth and Carmella did a full blown rap together, and it was great. These two are outstanding together.

Charlotte was out next and Cole tells us she has been medically cleared to compete. She has superficial wounds from that spear through the stage set up. She’s got her wrist and elbow wrapped up in black tape.

Fabulous Truth vs. Fenomenal Flair

They had a “WOOOOO” and a “WHAT’S UP” crowd battle before the match got going. The fans won.

Truth and Styles started to wrestle but decided it was better to start dancing. This included a straight up dance break, complete with music and lights. Charlotte is ... uh ... not a good dancer.

Carmella, Truth, and Charlotte all did the splits and that led to a lot of peer pressure for Styles to follow suit. He tried and injured his groin in the process. “I have kids!”

Good stuff.

Carmella tossed him right after and when Charlotte was going to retaliate, Carmella cowered in fear and Flair realized she was going to use the bad arm. She ended up using it anyway. There was some running away and Carmella tried to call a timeout. So Charlotte hit a baseball slide on her.

For whatever it’s worth, it looks like 71K are watching live. That’s a big improvement over what they had been doing, at least with the live viewership so far this season.

Backstage we got to see Jimmy Uso and Naomi dressed like Craig from Friday talking about beating up Truth.

Back in the ring, Styles was trying to pin Truth but Carmella was pulling him off. “Carmella, you’re not supposed to be in here! You gotta get out,” he shouted at her. She didn’t care. They reversed this, with Charlotte pulling Truth off Styles before Carmella hopped in and hit her with a superkick.

I looked away for a minute and AJ and Charlotte were celebrating a win. There ya go.

Fenomenal Flair def. Fabulous Truth

The next promo was Miz & Asuka saying they’ll take out Ravishing Rusev Day. That’s next week.

See you then!

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