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John Cena’s keeping his hair, not talking about his relationship status

Your boy and mine (okay, maybe he’s not yours, he’s definitely mine) John Cena is back in the United States this week to promote his children’s book Elbow Grease - in stores today, Oct. 9.

After a few appearances, Cena will head back to China for more filming with Jackie Chan’s production company on his next movie. With a small break to compete for the World Cup at Crown Jewel, of course. While appearing at his home-away-from-home Today on NBC this morning, he addressed the two hottest John Cena-related topics... and no, we aren’t talking about WWE and Elbow Grease.

One is his hair, which he confirmed he grew out for his character in Project X-traction with Chan. Cena is aware that we all think he looks weird. In typical John Cena style, that’s why he’s digging it. As he told Shaquille O’Neal and Hota Kotb:

“Man, I’ve been getting a lot of flak for it... everybody hates it... It was like I killed people’s childhood. So, for that reason - I’m gonna keep it. I was gonna get it cut right after the movie’s over, I’ve still got two months of filming, but I’m gonna keep it just because I like embracing the uncomfortable. And it’s certainly a great way to handle negativity and I’m gonna meet a lot of young readers and maybe a lot of young readers have questions about like, ‘Hey man, what do you do about bullying?’ And I can literally show them, like, ‘Hey, I get bullied all the time.’”

In another segment with Hotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, revealed a little bit more about his new do (the color of which is “au naturelle”, btw):

“The director of this movie asked me to grow my hair out, and I’m very self conscious about my hair. So I was like, ‘It’s very thin and it’s running away from me on the top,’ but that’s okay. So I was like, ‘You know what, I’ll do it, fine. I’ll embrace the uncomfortable.’”

That whole “embrace the uncomfortable” mantra came up again when Kotb and Gifford checked in how Cena was doing after his relationship with Nikki Bella ended. It was on their Today set where he cut a couple promos about his just-called off engagment to Bella which made many of us in the audience uncomfortable.

So how are things now, and does he have any second thoughts about emoting on the air back in May?

Kotb: Have you run into her [Nikki]?

Cena: Yes.

Kotb: And was it okay?

Cena: Yes.

Gifford: Are you okay? [laughs]

Cena: Yes.

Kotb: Are you okay about all the - because last time you were on here with Kath and I you were talking about how the door’s open, and you and Nikki may - it was like a big topic here, and here you are today...

Cena: As far as my actions are concerned, that was me being honest and vulnerable and genuine and I don’t regret it one bit. But as far as my personal business is considered, I think it should remain personal [wink]”

Oh, you...

This comes shortly after some photos of Nikki and John together in Melbourne were circulated around the web, along with the usual anonymous speculation about their status as a couple.

At least we have some answers about the hair.

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