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Dark forces, magic swords and kangaroos: Halloween at the Hardy Compound sounds DELIGHTFUL

The reports hit a few weeks back, and Matt Hardy confirmed shortly thereafter that a new “Woken Universe” special would debut on WWE Network in October.

We still don’t have a release date, but we do have a teaser trailer courtesy of the Woken One himself. In the a one-minute clip, Matt redirects the Alfred to his Batman, Senor Benjamin, away from beautifying the grounds of the Hardy Compound and towards massacre preparations. In the course of those instructions, we’re reminded about several of the greatest hits of the Broken/Woken world like the Dome of Deletion and the spirit of Smokin’ Joe Frazier in his current kangaroo vessel. And we get a hint of the plot of this Halloween special, as dark forces are coming for Hardy’s magic sword, Excaliber.

Get prepared...

Looks like this will more fully embrance the gimmick’s Broken roots from TNA, adding those to the Woken material Matt used for its relatively brief run on Raw. It’s also rumored to be a pilot for more specials or even a House Hardy series on the Network.

What do you think? Ready to celebrate All Hallows Eve with a battle between Matt’s Broken/Woken warriors and the dark forces who want to possess Excaliber in Cameron, North Carolina?

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