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The timing of the Bella Twins turning on Ronda Rousey couldn’t have been better

That worked out awfully well, didn’t it?

Just two weeks ago, Brie Bella used two kicks to knock Liv Morgan out during a match on Monday Night Raw. While most of those within the industry rushed to her defense, they only needed to do so because so many fans spoke out so loudly against her.

I’m one of them, though the point wasn’t to rail against Brie, necessarily, but what she did. You may argue they are one in the same, and I’ll concede there’s merit to that.

Now, though, WWE has made it all all right, even if they stumbled into this with a combination of luck and unbelievably good timing.

They turned the Bella Twins heel.

Our social media maven Stella Cheeks was live at the arena and noted to us in the Cageside offices the audience was split when Nikki and Brie first arrived. They were, it seemed, eager to boo them both. When the turn happened, the sisters attacking current Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey from behind, they were split no longer.

”Ton of heat,” as Stella put it.

Perhaps they were always headed for this. Rumors and reports told us Rousey vs. Nikki was planned for Evolution weeks ago. Brie’s errant kicks and the fan reaction to it has given her a legitimate case for taking her sister’s place. That’s certainly what I would advocate for. Hell, considering Ronda’s push, they could make it a 2-on-1 handicap with the title on the line.

Either way, WWE wins here. Fans can boo the Bellas just as loudly as they’d like while being rest assured one or both are going to get their ass handed to them.

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