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Get ready for a very Attitude Era-y episode of Raw

Used to be, WWE waited until WrestleMania season to load up on Hall of Famers and so-called “part-timers”. Either that’s no longer the case, or it’s ‘Mania in October - cause we’re getting D-X and Trish Stratus on Raw from Chicago tonight (Oct. 8)!

Neither’s a surprise. Super Show-Down ended with Triple H & Shawn Michaels laying in the ring after they were attacked by Kane & Undertaker. With rumors of a match between the teams and one between Taker and Michaels to come next month, their showing up in Allstate Arena to address their rivals is a no-brainer. And to specify, they aren’t specifically billed as appearing in their glow stick-throwing, crotch chopping, anti-authority gimmick, but if they’re gonna be tagging at Crown Jewel, we’re gonna see some neon green at some point, right?

Stratus has been announced as facing Alexa Bliss at Evolution a few days before the menfolk head to Saudi Arabia. Raw finally resumed building to that match last week with a pre-taped “Moment of Bliss” segment. The Hall of Famer will presumably be addressing her opponent’s cracks about her age when she shows up on our screens.

You ready to party like it’s 2001?

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