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We’re either getting a new finish or a new champ on Tuesday

In addition to announcing the first couple matches which will eventually lead to someone winning the WWE World Cup in Saudi Arabia next month (and everyone likely forgetting about the whole thing shortly thereafter), there was also some news Sunday about another big match happening on SmackDown this week (Tues., Oct. 9).

Seeing as their match in Melbourne last weekend ended with Becky Lynch keeping her title after Charlotte Flair defeated the SmackDown Women’s champ when Lynch used her belt as a weapon, General Manager Paige has changed up the rules for their rematch in Indianapolis. One of the champion’s advantages has been removed from this one, so if the Lasskicker tries a similar tactic and loses by disqualification, she’ll also lose the title.

Which means, if this feud is going to be extended until Oct. 28’s Evolution pay-per-view (PPV), creative is going to need to come up with another way to keep stringing us along.

A Flair win would be the easiest route, since it would entitle Becky to a rematch. But, there are other ways... like a double countout, or Lynch taking a page out of Charlotte’s father’s playbook and employing a dirty trick to win.

What route will they choose? We’ll see you here Tuesday night and we can find out together!

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