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WWE Super Show-Down results: Triple H finally beats Undertaker


The headlining attraction WWE booked to fill the MCG in Melbourne, Australia, for Super Show-Down, Undertaker vs. Triple H, was billed as the last ever match between the two. Kane was in ‘Taker’s corner while Shawn Michaels was with “The Game.”

Just before the start, it was announced as a No Disqualification, a little wrinkle Triple H added in last minute. That came back to bite him, though, because he took a sustained beating from “The Phenom” that included a whole lot of chair shots.

Enough that Michaels started overacting his concern over it.

Then they reversed the roles and it was Kane saving Undertaker. HBK grabbed a sledgehammer to pass off to his buddy, who used it to put “The Deadman” down, only to end up in Hell’s Gate. He got out of it by using the sledgehammer to choke ‘Taker while he was being choked.

They were going for the long “epic” match with lots of selling. It was slow as hell but mostly got over with the crowd.

In the end, they did the WrestleMania 28 spot where Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music and Triple H followed it up with a Pedigree. Only this time it got the pinfall.

It’s all about The Game.

For some reason, Triple H cried in the ring — or tried to make like he was — after the win. They did a bit after where Undertaker handed Triple H his sledgehammer and they all seemed to make good. Michaels could be heard asking, “We’ve all been through enough, haven’t we?”

All four men stood in the ring raising each other’s hands.

It took forever, but the Brothers of Destruction finally turned on D-Generation X and laid them out to end the show. That included putting Michaels through a table.

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