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WWE Super Show-Down results: Buddy Murphy defeats Cedric Alexander to win the cruiserweight title

The challenger for the cruiserweight title had a huge advantage coming into the Super Show-Down today (Oct. 6).

Buddy Murphy is billed from Melbourne, Australia, which is where the Show-Down’s Melbourne Cricket Ground is located. And the crowd was firmly behind him.

On the other side of the ring was the champion Cedric Alexander, who has held the title since WrestleMania and hasn’t lost in a year.

Something had to give. And in this case, the 70 thousand strong was able to help Buddy Murphy overcome Ced’s win streak.

Buddy Murphy started out hot, trying to pin Alexander with a kick as the match started. Cedric survived but Buddy remained on the attack.

Cedric wasn’t going to stay down forever though and got himself back in the match in spectacular fashion.

Things hit a fever pitch, action back and forth until Cedric Alexander hit the Lumbar Check, a move he reliably uses to retain his title. But Murphy kicked out!

Cedric rolled to the outside to finish Buddy off with a springboard move, but Murphy met him with a kick to the face and then hits Murphy’s Law for the 1-2-3!

The Age of Alexander is over. Buddy Murphy is your new cruiserweight champion.

You can find all the results from the Super Show-Down at the live blog here.

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