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WWE Super Show-Down results: AJ Styles submits Samoa Joe

The story here is that Samoa Joe is a real creepy sadist, who was going to invade AJ Styles home and the only reason he didn’t was because WWE called the authorities on him before he could. He wasn’t fired, though SmackDown Live General Manager Paige said he should be, because AJ Styles wanted to settle up with him in an actual match.

A No Disqualification, No Countout, There-Must-Be-A-Winner match.

So, they got together at Super Show-Down today (Oct. 6, 2018) at the MCG in Melbourne, Australia, and settled up in a hard hitting, physical match:

Despite it being a No DQ match, Styles took one hell of a beating — including getting his mouth busted open — before ever utilizing any kind of legal weaponry. When he did, it was with a chair that Joe introduced. Not long after, he was putting Joe through a table that Joe had set up in the ring.

That bump led to the challenger selling a knee injury, and Styles targeted it the rest of the way. AJ survived multiple Coquina Clutch attempts, eventually rolling through one on his way to a Calf Crusher that got a tap to retain his title.

It was a bit of a strange finish for a match like this, but Styles is still your WWE champion.

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