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Dwayne Johnson & Steve Austin have different reasons for thinking The Rock didn’t ‘oversell’ the Stone Cold Stunner

A Twitter account dedicated to posting 1990s WWF pictures and video clips recently brought us an impromptu reunion of the definitive feud of that era.

Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson were on the same page when they corrected @90sWWE for labeling a compilation of The Rock taking Stone Cold Stunners as “overselling”. But they had different reasons for disputing the claim, and their reasons each perfectly fit that man providing them.

For Austin, protecting his character has always been the most important thing. So Rocky wasn’t “overselling”... that’s for real what a Stunner does to a person!

For Johnson, he’s an entertainer who’s there to electrify the people. And the People’s Champ was just out there making sure everyone enjoyed themselves!

Pick your reason. Like picking a side in the legendary Austin/Rock feud, there’s no wrong answer.

Except saying the Great One “oversold” the Texas Rattlesnake’s finisher.

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