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WWE Super Show-Down results, live streaming match coverage: Undertaker vs. Triple H

WWE Super Show-Down is all set to pop off today (Sat., Oct. 6, 2018) from the MCG in Melbourne, Australia at 5:00 a.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Super Show-Down below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!


Triple H def. Undertaker
Daniel Bryan def. The Miz
The Shield def. The Dogs of War
Buddy Murphy def. Cedric Alexander
Ronda Rousey & The Bella Twins def. The Riott Squad
AJ Styles def. Samoa Joe
The IIconics def. Asuka & Naomi
John Cena & Bobby Lashley def. Elias & Kevin Owens
Charlotte Flair def. Becky Lynch by disqualification
The New Day def. The Bar


I was caught in the middle of a railroad track. I looked round and I knew there was no turning back. My mind raced and I thought what could I do? And I knew there was no help, no help from you. Sound of the drums, beating in my heart, the thunder of guns tore me apart. You’ve clicked on the liveblog for this here pro wrestling show, folks.

The show opens with a video package hyping WWE’s global reach and hyping up the card, starting with the historicity of seeing Triple H vs. Undertaker for the last time ever.

New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (c) vs. The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Cesaro and Kingston to start, off the ropes, shoulder block, leapfrogs into a back elbow, Kingston gets one! Tag to woods, off the ropes, sliding elbow, big splash, up top, tag back, diving elbow, springboard crossbody, elbow, Arabian Press Vader Bomb... NOPE! The Bar on the floor, Kofi dives and gets caught, Xavier as well, and both men get rammed into the ringpost!

Tag to Sheamus, double whip into a double kick, a lariat gets two and he follows it up with the top wristlock, grounding Kingston. Cesaro tags in, uppercuts into a half nelson armlock, Kingston fights out, off the ropes with a sunset flip but Cesaro kicks out and tags the Celtic Warrior in. Beats of the Bodhran, tag back, double-team suplex back into the ring gets two.

Chickenwing chinlock applied to follow it up, Kofi out with punches into a jawbreaker but Sheamus tags in and clears the apron before he can recover. Duck the axehandle, tag to Cesaro, running uppercut into a double-team backbreaker for another nearfall! Choking him over the rope, Sheamus gets a cheap shot in when referee Jason Ayers warns the Swiss Superman off for that but the cover is only good for another two count.

Jawing, drawing him up, throwing him in the corner but Kingston’s fired up and punching mad, back body drop to the floor and the way is clear! TAGS MADE! Woods ducks a lariat, clear the apron with a superkick, slide under, sliding reverse STO... STILL NO! Big chops, enzuigiri connects, looking for a springboard DDT but the Celtic Warrior blocks and hits the Irish Curse for two!

Calling for it, Xavier sidesteps the Brogue Kick into a schoolboy for two, superkick, blind tag, Sheamus throws him into Cesaro for a modified Swiss Death... NOT ENOUGH! Giant swing into the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring while Sheamus stops Kofi from coming in but not for long and he breaks it up with a kick! Taking Sheamus to the floor when he tries to run him off, Woods with a small package for a nearfall!

Cesaro with the schoolboy and his feet on the ropes but Kingston breaks it up! Trouble in Paradise takes the Celtic Warrior out on the floor, he tags back in, gamengiri into a lungblower, double stomp off the top... IT’S OVER!

New Day win by pinfall with a lungblower from Xavier Woods into a diving double stomp from Kofi Kingston on Cesaro to retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

New Day celebrate their victory with trombonery and such.

An ad for WWE 2K19 follows.

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Circling, Flair keeping her distance and we get something of an electric standoff with the crowd behind Lynch before hte champ comes in with a front kick, stops the boot, pounding on her in the corner, leg trip, Charlotte fights back with knees and a shove when she gets up. Another front kick from Becky, Flair on the apron and Lynch yanks her arm-first through the ropes and to the floor!

Throwing the challenger into the post to follow it up, back inside for a cover, only a nearfall and she puts boots to Charlotte in the corner. Choking her over the middle rope, breaking at referee Mike Chioda’s behest, whip into a Flair Flip, shoulder block, diving in for a schoolboy pin for two. Chop to follow it up, Becky off the ropes... LA MISTICA!

Working the hand over, wrenching the fingers, but Flair manages to post to her feet and escape with a side slam before following it up with a back suplex. Uppercuts ensue as the champion fights back but her leg gets caught on the ropes and Charlotte stomps the back of her knee in to start setting the Figure Eight up! Chops on chops, whip to the corner, sidestep the Stinger splash, going for the exploder suplex but Flair counters into one of her own!

Putting Flair’s face into the turnbuckle, Lynch to the second for a diving forearm, again just a nearfall! Drawing her up by the arm, Charlotte counters with a leg pick, figure four blocked, jockeying for position and the challenger ends up with a nearfall off a big boot! Trading big forearms in the middle of the ring, sending each other staggering, headbutt gets a spear to end the exchange but Flair can’t put her away!

Charlotte heads up top... KNEES UP ON THE MOONSAULT! OKLAHOMA ROLL... NO! Enzuigiri connects to follow it up, a staggered Becky holds herself up in the ropes before heading up top... DIVING LEG DROP COMES UP EMPTY! Flair picks her legs into a Boston Crab! Lynch crawling, struggling, and she gets the ropes and to the floor! She collects her title and goes to walk out but Charlotte rams her into the barricade to keep her in the match!

Back in, boot connects but Flair hits the spear again, spinning toehold into the figure four leglock! Becky struggling, fighting, reaching, Charlotte bridges but Lynch has her title belt and wails on her with it! Chioda has no choice...

Charlotte Flair wins by disqualification.

Charlotte attacks Becky in the ramp and throws her back into the ring! Lynch rolls out, runs her over with a lariat, scoops her up... EXPLODER SUPLEX INTO THE BARRICADE! A RUNNING KNEE FOLLOWS! Flair is out and the champion struts her way up the ramp, title in hand.

A hype reel for the WWE Network follows.

Elias is in the ring to sing us a song, with Kevin Owens at his side. Elias plays a bit of Thunderstruck (hey, great minds, eh?) before launching into his usual blues jam and his usual intro. He puts KO over and Kev says usually nothing cheers him up like his music, but here they are, two great guys sitting together in a cesspool of a city, and he complains that he told them Super Show-Down should have been in Canada.

The Drifter talks about how he talked to someone who assured him that Cena and Lashley are going to choke, like [local sports reference], but before he can continue he gets cut off by our babyface entrances, sans Lio Rush unfortunately.

Bobby Lashley & John Cena vs. Elias & Kevin Owens

Lashley and Owens to start, Elias tags right in, circling, arm wringer from Bob, wrenching away, spinning arm lock into a seated senton to the arm, off the ropes with a shoulder block. The Drifter fights out of the corner with chops, off the ropes, caught by a Lou Thesz Press and Lashley takes him into the corner to throw hands. Boot up on the charge, off the ropes, leapfrog and a snap scoop powerslam for two!

Elias into the corner, KO tags in and hammers on Bob, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block but Lashley is unmoved! Back to the headlock, shot off again, another fruitless shoulder block and Walking Armageddon gets a swinging neckbreaker. To the corner for mounted punches, sidestep the charge, the Drifter comes in but Lashley stands firm and hits the reverse STO on Owens.

Elias clears the apron, double team takes Bob down, Kev stomping away, front chancery into a tag and the Drifter puts boots to the big man. Putting his face into the turnbuckle, scoop and a slam into the elbow drop... only two! Front chancery into a tag again, Owens with repeated shoulder thrusts, taking him close to Cena to mock him, kick to the neck, jawing at the Ace of WWE and he grabs a reverse chinlock on Bob.

Throwing him into the corner, tag to Elias, he hits a backbreaker for two but Lashley starts fighing back with right hands! Looking to suplex the Drifter inside, KO with the save but Bob is still throwing hands, charging... ELIAS LOW-BRIDGES HIM TO THE FLOOR! Elias puts his shoulder into the post, back in, Owens off the top... FROG SPLASH CAN’T END THE MATCH!

Off the ropes... thrust spinebuster connects and the way is clear! TAGS MADE! Cena in hot, shoulder block, shoulder block, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver, “You can’t see me!”, off the ropes, Five Knuckle Shuffle! Fireman’s carry, the Attitude Adjustment lines up, Cena powers up...

Bobby Lashley & John Cena win by pinfall with the Lightning Fist from John Cena.

Cena gets on the mic and says he honestly didn’t know what to expect coming back here tonight. Even still, he wanted to thank us, because WWE has and will always be his home. He knows his life is changing, but he never, ever forgets where he came from. He wanted to take a second to tell us he has no idea wha the future holds, so he’s focused on the now, and right now he’s standing in front of 70,000 people making some noise.

After a bit of riling them up to make some more noise, he thanks Australia for letting him come and perform for them tonight and takes his leave.

We get a video package where Naomi thinks Jimmy Uso has prepared a romantic evening for her but it turns out he’s just taking a bubble bath (complete with rubber ducky) and eating a meat pie for a local advertisement.

Couldn’t make this up if I tried, folks!

The Iconic Duo make their entrance and talk about how great it is to finally be home. Tonight, they’re gonna show the country and the world that they’re iconic.

Empress and the Glow (Asuka & Naomi) vs. the Iconic Duo (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)

Royce and Naomi to start, collar and elbow, the Iconic backing her into the ropes but Naomi ducks a strike and hamemrs her with an elbow. Peyton puts her hard into the corner, tag made, double-team kicks, Kay draws her up, catches a kick and sets Naomi in the splits but that’s no problem! Catch the boot in return, but Billie is, uh, not as good at the splits. Ow.

Asuka tags in, off the ropes, leg trip, sliding elbow, whip reversed, up and over in the corner, Asuka taunts her and catches her arm but the tag gets made and all four women stand off in the ring. Duck the lariat, dropkick, Empress and the Glow off the ropes... STEREO HIP ATTACKS! Fired up, Asuka heads out after Royce and throws her back inside, but Naomi accidentally distracts Charles Robinson and the Icons take full advantage.

Cover made off some grounded punches, only two, tag into an assisted reverse roundhouse... NOPE! Chickenwing applied, clawing at Asuka’s face, she manages to post to her feet but gets cut off with a knee. Throwing forearms in the corner, rushing into a schoolboy, no good! Crawling for the tag, blocked, ankle lock into the leg-trap German suplex for some separation!

Tags made, Naomi in hot with elbows, springboard roundhouse kick connects hard and she follows it up with a bulldog into the turnbuckle and the split-legged moonsault... BILLIE KAY BREAKS IT UP! Asuka takes Kay out with a dropkick, Peyton the floor and Naomi slingshots into a plancha! Back in, Billie cuts her off on another slingshot, Asuka runs in but Kay runs her off and goes in the ring, wheelbarrow...

Iconic Duo win by pinfall with a wheelbarrow knee strike on Naomi.

A house ad for WWE Evolution follows.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe (No Disqualification Match)

Styles rushes in before the bell and they brawl on the ramp! Punching away against the apron, he throws Joe into the barricade and into the ring so referee Jason Ayers can call for the bell!

Into the corner, still throwing hands, hammering Samoa but he comes back with jabs and backs AJ across the ring before dropping him to the mat! Styles recovers, right hands, but Joe throws him to the floor and over the announce table! Styles lands on his feet and hustles back into the ring to hammer Samoa with kicks! Chops in the corner, shoulder thrusts, snapmare and another kick.

Jawing at him, laying chest kicks in as Joe roars in pain and rises to his feet... A SINGLE CHOP LAYS THE CHAMP OUT! Evil intentions in his eyes, Joe closes for another chop in the corner that buckles Styles to his knees. A headbutt, jabs, off the ropes and a knee punts AJ to the floor! Off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE ELBOW PUTS STYLES INTO THE BARRICADE!

Following it up, punishing Styles on the floor with right hands and a snap suplex, back inside, snapmare into a trapezius claw, AJ fights to his feet and out of it with elbows. Off the ropes, Joe freight trains him with a back elbow... a shockingly deep two! Back to the claw, Styles fights out of it quicker this time, striking in the corner but he gets whipped across and Joe hits the back elbow / enzuigiri one-two for a nearfall.

Gasping, drawing himself up the ropes, but Samoa picks his legs and catapults him into the bottom rope! Falling to the floor, dry-heaving, Joe draws him back up the apron, suplex blocked, jockeying for position, AJ floats over, Styles Rush connects and closes with the lariat! Off the ropes, sliding forearm, into the corner, leaping lariat, fireman’s carry, Samoa floats over, shove into the corner, Styles up and over... MOONSAULT INVERTED DDT ISN’T ENOUGH TO RETAIN THE TITLE!

AJ looking for the Styles Clash, countered with a leg pick and a catapult, off the ropes, HUGE lariat... NOPE! Drawing the champion up, fireman’s carry, he slips out with punches, hits the enzuigiri, off the ropes but he’s caught by the snap scoop powerslam for two! AJ goes for the moonsault inverted DDT, Joe catches him... EMERALD FLOWSION CAN’T WIN SAMOA JOE THE TITLE!

Joe goes and gets a chair... BUT STYLES DROPKICKS THE CHAIR INTO HIS FACE! AJ grabs the chair, ram to the midsection, clobbering him over the back with it, Samoa rolls under the ropes and begs off but Styles isn’t having it and keeps wailing on him with chairshots! He sets the chair up and has a seat before resuming the assault with a kick.

Charging in, stepping up on the chair... ROCK BOTTOM INTO THE CHAIR GETS JOE A NEARFALL! Samoa heads under the ring for plunder, comes up with a table and slides it in the ring. He disposes of the chair by waffling AJ over the back, leading to more dry heaves and blood trickling from the WWE Champion’s mouth. Setting the table up, Joe brings Styles into the corner, AJ slips under him, electric chair... ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP THROUGH THE TABLE!

Joe comes up lame, clutching his knee and telling referee Jason Ayers that “it popped”, but Styles comes over and stalks after him, stomping away at the bad knee! Jawing, asking him how he’s gonna win with no legs, stepover knee drop to the knee, a DDT to the leg, telling him there’s consequences to messing with his family! Joe seems like he’s going to recover and rally but AJ rolls him into the Calf Killer!

He doesn’t have all of it... JOE REVERSES TO THE COQUINA CLUTCH! AJ GETS THE ROPES BUT THERE ARE NO BREAKS AND ONLY BARELY SLIPS OUT WITH THE LEVERAGE OF THE APRON! A kick staggers Joe and gets Styles some breathing room, right hand, Stunner over the top rope, AJ lines him up... SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH LANDS RIGHT ON THE INJURED KNEE! Drawing him up, Samoa manages to roll to the floor and the champion follows.

Stalking after him, Styles kicks his leg out of his leg repeatedly! Forearms, a desperate Joe manages a back body drop over the barricade into chops! Right hand from AJ, springboard Phenomenal Forearm off the barricade! Back inside, Styles adjusts the elbow pad and calls for it, waiting for Joe to rise... PHENOMENAL FOREARM COUNTERED INTO THE COQUINA CLUTCH! NO BODYSCISSORS, AJ RAMS HIM INTO THE CORNER REPEATEDLY BUT SAMOA WON’T LET GO... SLEEPER SUPLEX ALMOST WINS HIM THE MATCH!

Taking the champ into the corner, setting him up top, big chop but the knee gives out and he can’t complete the Muscle Buster! AJ with a cover, Coquina Clutch counters, pinfall counter... JOE HAS IT SCOUTED! Styles looking for the Calf Killer but Joe’s thick legs give him pause at first! IT’S ON! JOE IS CRAWLING, AGONY WRITTEN ON HIS FACE BUT HE CAN’T BEAR IT ANY LONGER! IT’S OVER!

AJ Styles wins by submission with the Calf Killer to retain the WWE Championship.

An ad for SmackDown 1000 ensues, followed by a hype reel for the new Wednesday night lineup on the WWE Network.

Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki Bella) & Ronda Rousey vs. Riott Squad (Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, & Sarah Logan)

Nikki and Ruby to start, Riott from behind with a forearm, clubbing away! Drawing her up, off the ropes and Bella hits a big lariat and a dropkick to get back into it! Ruby sidesteps a charge, puts her into the turnbuckles and drags her over but an arm drag blocks the tag. Facebreaker, off the ropes, shoulder block, fired up, whip reversed and reversed again into a thrust spinebuster for two!

Tag to Brie, double arm wringer leg trip gets another two count, Riott with a schoolboy for a cover of her own, floating over, reverse STO gets two more! Tag to Morgan, holding Brie in place and Liv kicks her head in for a nearfall and a bit of revenge! Bella staggered on her knees... SHE GRABS MORGAN BY THE TONGUE! Forearm to break, off the ropes, and Brie catches her with a dropkick!

Brie Mode running knee, double leg into a cover, only two! Tag to Nikki, double slingshot suplex... NOPE! Fireman’s carry, Morgan slips out, tag to Logan, in with a running knee for two! Mounted strikes into the top wristlock, breaking with a forearm for a cover, no good so she shifts gears with a knee and tags Liv back in. Throwing Nikki into her knees, tornado DDT follows, only two!

Drawing her up, boots in the corner, referee Rod Zapata backs her off so Morgan takes a moment to jaw with Brie but that just gives Nikki the opportunity to land a strike and crawl for the tag! Liv cuts her off with hammerfists, tagging Sarah in. Jawing, seated senton to the back, wristlock and a tag to Riott. Kick to the ribs into a reverse chinlock, Bella to her feet, out with an elbow but Ruby cuts her right off with a mat slam.

Tag back to Logan, in with a boot and she grabs the cobra clutch to follow. Nikki to her feet, back elbows but Sarah kicks her leg out from under her and gets a cover for two. Bella with a schoolboy, not enough, Logan rushes around to cut her off and gets another two count. Back to the cobra clutch, again out with elbows and this time Sarah cracks her across the face with a forearm.

Nikki fights back in the corner, the springboard roundhouse gets separation, the way is clear but the Riott Squad clear the apron! Ronda is back up, Bella gets away... TAG MADE! Lariat into the arm drags, one for Morgan and a judo throw into a Finlay Roll for Riott! Monkey flip puts Sarah into the corner, a flurry of punches, the swinging Death Valley Driver connects!

The Bellas rush in to take care of the Riott Squad, Rousey drags Logan into the middle of the ring but Morgan makes the save before she can get the armbar all the way on! Double-teaming Ronda over Zapata’s objections, but the cchampion has both of them firmly by the wrist, double arm drag... INTO A DOUBLE ARMBAR! IT’S OVER!

Bella Twins & Ronda Rousey win by submission with a double armbar from Rousey on Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

Ronda and the Bellas celebrate in the ring.

We get an ad for the Marine 6: Close Quarters, followed by one for the city of Melbourne.

Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric Alexander (c) (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Jawing, Murphy offers a handshake and rescinds it before nearly ending the match before it begins with a knee strike! Headed up top, senton atomico, back in, Meteora... NOPE! Kicking Alexander’s leg and back, another cover but the champ ain’t staying down this early! Duck a kick, uppercut, front kick, but Murphy grabs a reverse chinlock to suffocate him.

Cedric breaks by ramming him into the corner but Buddy stays on him and puts him into the corner, bending him over the middle turnbuckle but whatever he’s got planned goes awry when the champion lands a blind scorpion kick! Murphy with a forearm when he recovers, setting Alexander up top, jockeying for position, Cedric shoves him off again and again but Buddy is insistent... AND GETS CAUGHT BY AN AVALANCHE MICHINOKU DRIVER FOR A NEARFALL!

Springboard reverse STO follows, Buddy rolls to the floor, Cedric off the ropes... TOPE CON GIRO! Back in the ring, the Neuralyzer connects... NOPE! Looking for the Lumbar Check but his own back gives out on him at first and at second, Murphy floats out and lands on his feet! Up on the second, champ staggers him with an uppercut, they jockey for position, sunset flip denied but Cheeky Nando’s connects... LIGER BOMB NEARLY DOES IT FOR THE CHALLENGER!

Both men running low, Alexander lands an enzuigiri, Murphy ducks a kick and lands another knee strike! Pumphandle... MURPHY’S LAW COUNTERED INTO A VICTORY ROLL FOR TWO! RUNNING SPANISH FLY FOR TWO! LUMBAR CHECK... BUDDY MURPHY KICKS OUT! Buddy crawling for the ropes, Cedric to his feet first, going for it again but he gets passed to the apron, lying in wait... HE SPRINGBOARDS INTO A KNEE STRIKE! MURPHY’S LAW! IT’S OVER!

Buddy Murphy wins by pinfall with Murphy’s Law to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Murphy celebrates his victory in front of a fired-up hometown crowd.

An ad for Total Divas follows, and then a hype reel for the WWE Network’s original offerings.

Dogs of War (Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, & Drew McIntyre) vs. the Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Seth Rollins)

All-out brawling to start, the Shield disposing of the tag champs with ease and triple-teaming Strowman to the floor! Dismantling the announce table, pressing the attack, staggering the big man and setting him up but McIntyre and Ziggler make the save before they can powerbomb the monster! Dogs of War fighting back, Drew chopping everybody with his heavy hands!

Ziggler and Rollins in the ring and referee Rod Zapata finally calls for the bell! Big DDT from Dolph... NOPE! Tag to Drew, straight suplex gets two more, stomping away and tagging Braun in. Hard whip into the corner, tag back to Ziggler, snapmare into the Heartstopper elbow for another nearfall and he follows it up with the sleeper hold momentarily before tagging McIntyre back in.

The Scotsman wailing on him with kicks and punches in the corner, mocking the tag and stomping his hand before booting him in the face and posing for the crowd! Tag back to Dolph, right hands and mockery, feigning a superkick to Ambrose, disdainful slaps and more trash talk but Rollins is fired up! Right hands, off the ropes, caught into the sleeper hold again!

Seth flags but does not fail, rising back to his feet from a deep crouch, Ziggler rakes his eyes but it’s not enough and the Architect gets a back suplex to escape! Both men crawing, Drew tags in and blocks the tag, Seth with a kick and Sling Blade and the way is clear... for Braun to tag in and clear the apron! Shoulder block wipes Rollins out and the other two Dogs beat the remainder of the Shield down on the floor as the monster drags Seth around the ring.

Throwing him back in the corner, shoulder block, tag to Ziggler and he resumes the taunts, begging Rollins to do something, and something he does! Right hands, Dolph stomps the knee for the Fameasser but Seth counters with a buckle bomb! McIntyre with the tag, powerbomb... COUNTERED INTO A FRANKENSTEINER! Tag to Braun, off the ropes, wiping the Kingslayer out with a pounce!

Beating him down further, Strowman’s feeling frisky and he heads up top... MONSTER SPLASH BUT NOBODY’S HOME! Both men down and out, crawling for the tag, Ambrose and Ziggler on the apron... TAGS MADE! Dean ducks a lariat and throws lariats of his own, whip across, duck the lariat, catch the crossbody into a fallaway slam! Fired up, drawing Dolph up on the apron, he floats over the suplex back in, sleeper blocked, forearm for McIntyre and he sidesteps a boot, underhooks blocked.

Superkick blocked, Hook and Ladder from Dean... NOPE! Ambrose up top, Ziggler rushes to meet him, jockeying for position, diving elbow drop connects but Dolph rolls through it into a pin! Duck the lariat, off the ropes, double crossbody and both men are down and out! Crawling for the tag, McIntyre in first, back suplex, Dean lands on his feet and hits a neckbreaker for separation before tagging the Big Dog in!

Duck a lariat, Mafia kick, big slicing rights, corner lariats, off the ropes and he clotheslines Drew to the floor! Drive-By, back in, Reigns snapping a DDT off... NOPE! Calling for it, pounding the earth but Ziggler runs interference and McIntyre gets a big boot! He sidesteps the Superman Punch and Roman takes Dean out! O’Connor roll for two while Reigns is shocked and he follows it with the one-arm deadlift powerbomb... NOPE!

Match breaking down, springboard lariat from Rollins, Braun goes for the running powerslam and blocks a Superman Punch but that gives Seth a chance to escape and put the monster into the post! McIntyre has the Archtitect in the inverted Alabama Slam but Reigns breaks it up with a Superman Punch! Rollins and Reigns down and out together as the Dogs of War rise up on the apron to surround them.

The Shield boys get themselves together and to their feet, Dean is on the apron on the fourth side and Strowman gestures as if to welcome him... AMBROSE DROPKICKS THE MONSTER, HE AIN’T LEAVING HIS BROTHERS BEHIND IN AUSTRALIA! The Shield beat Drew down, tag to Seth and then to Dean to get the most time before a hypothetical DQ, they hoist McIntyre up... STROWMAN TAKES THE WHOLE PILE OUT WITH A SPEAR BEFORE THE POWERBOMB CAN LAND!

Roaring, the monster throws the Big Dog and the Architect to the floor before heading to the floor, running around... POUNCE PUTS REIGNS INTO THE BARRICADE! ONE FOR ROLLINS TOO! ZIG ZAG ON AMBROSE... NOT ENOUGH! BRAUN TELLS DOLPH TO THROW DEAN ON THE FLOOR SO HE CAN RUN HIS ASS OVER! Ziggler does so, Strowman takes a few steps and charges... ROMAN REIGNS SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE DAMN BARRICADE TO SAVE AMBROSE!

Ziggler with a superkick, rolling Dean back in, he and Drew are on him, drawing him up... ROLLINS BLOCKS THE CLAYMORE WITH A SUPERKICK! DOLPH SUPERKICKS HIM BUT DEAN IS READY...

The Shield win by pinfall with Dirty Deeds from Dean Ambrose on Dolph Ziggler.

Dean heads over to help Roman up from the wreckage and Seth joins him as the Shield walk to side of the ring united, supporting their brother. Reigns gets on his own feet and we get the fist bump.

Miz goes to cut a promo after his entrance about AJ Styles retaining his title, but he gets cut off by Bryan’s entrance!

Daniel Bryan vs. the Miz (WWE Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Miz right in with a front kick, shoulder blocks, knees in the corner to damage the injured ribs even further. Off the ropes, huge kitchen sink knee lift and he tears Bryan’s shirt off! Stomping away, gourdbuster over the top rope and Dan is writhing in pain on the mat! Yes! Fingers, mocking, the A-Lister charges in... AND GETS HIS HEAD TAKEN OFF BY A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!

Yes! Kicks ensue, Miz ducks the buzzsaw, Bryan lands on his feet off a back suplex, out of the corner, Busaiku Knee sidestepped and the A-Lister hits a Busaiku Knee of his own... NOPE! Full nelson, Dan slips out, small package... BRYAN GOT HIM! IT’S OVER!

Daniel Bryan wins by pinfall with a small package to become #1 contender to the WWE Championship.

Bryan celebrate as an apoplectic Miz accosts referee Charles Robinson over the decision.

Commentary announces that the American Dragon will take his WWE Championship match against the Phenomenal One in Saudi Arabia next month! Also we’re getting a rematch between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair on SmackDown this week. They then hype WWE Evolution up.

Jojo announces at the last minute that the main event is a no disqualification match!

Triple H vs. the Undertaker (No Disqualification Match)

Undertaker throwing punches to start, H dodging him and beckoning him in to bring it before turning him around for punches in the corner! Double-hand choke, pass into the corner but Hunter comes up empty with a punch and Shawn Michaels hops up on the apron to encourage his best friend, which leads Kane to do the same for his brother. Front kick, arm wringer, short-arm shoulder thrusts but Triple blocks the Old School!

Short-arm shoulder thrusts of his own, arm wringer, more thrusts and another arm wringer and HHH is feeling frisky, popping up the turnbuckles himself for a little Old School... TAKER WITH THE GOOZLE! Punch combinations drop the Game to the mat, the Deadman follows it with an arm wringer, another short-arm shoulder thrust, repeat the sequence and the Deadman climbs, walking the ropes... OLD SCHOOL!

Landing more punches in the corner, Mr. H’s is down and out, hard whip to the corner for Snake Eyes but Hunter’s able to block the followup boot with a knee strike! A clothesline sends Taker to the floor, goozle on HBK and HHH takes advantage to draw the Deadman up only to get his neck snapped over the top rope! Michaels puts Taker into the post, Kane runs him off and Triple heads to the floor to take advantage.

Whip into the barricade, referee Mike Chioda asking them to bring it into the ring but instead Hunter whips Undertaker into the steel steps! DX set a table up but before they can bring it to bear, Taker recovers and puts HHH’s face into the steel steps in return! Back inside, Hunter cuts him off with knees to the face, off the ropes, snap swinging neckbreaker gets two.

Undertaker on his knees, Triple landing punches but the Deadman returns a flurry of body blows and an uppercut to take him out! Off the ropes, HHH gets the single knee facebreaker for another nearfall! Triple to the second, he dives into a two-hand choke and Taker throws him over the ropes and to the floor! Shawn checks on his pal as Undertaker heads to the floor to stalk after him, throwing him over the timekeeper’s barricade!

Taker dismantles the announce table, threatening HBK when he comes over but that gives Hunter an opening to beat on the Deadman some more! He charges in... back body drop over the barricade and to the floor! Fighting through the crowd to the tech area, choking Triple with some cables! Looking for the Pedigree, Undertaker fights out and drags the Game deeper into the crowd with right hands.

Triple runs off but Taker grabs a loose headlock to drag him back ringside and put him into the timekeeper’s barricade again! Heading for plunder, Michaels tries to delay the Deadman and finds himself wiped out with a right hand! Steel chair in the ring, HHH takes it away but Taker lays him out with a boot! Ramming the chair into Hunter’s gut, sending him sprawling to the floor!

Following after, chair across the back! Undertaker sets the Game up on the table and climbs to the apron but is delayed by HBK’s reappearance and runs him over with the Mafia kick! H is off the table, Taker goes for a dive but Hunter is in the ring with the chair to take his leg out! Kane drags the Game to the floor, goozle, Shawn interferes, goozle for him but they break away... SWEET CHIN MUSIC!

Kane on the table... TRIPLE H DROPS AN ELBOW OFF THE APRON ONTO THE BIG RED MACHINE! Back inside, Hunter up top with the chair... CAUGHT INTO THE CHOKESLAM! UP FOR THE TOMBSTONE... AND DOWN! ARMS CROSSED BUT HUNTER WILL NOT REST IN PEACE! TAKER LAYS REFEREE MIKE CHIODA OUT WITH A RIGHT HAND! Chair in hand, the Deadman warns the Heartbreak Kid off and stalks a staggered Hunter, coming off the ropes with a short, disdainful boot.

He asks HBK if he’s watching before he goes and grabs the chair and waffles it over HHH’s back! He waits for him to recover before he bends the chair across the Game’s back! Taker sets the chair up partially unfolded around Triple’s neck and Michaels gets on the apron to beg the Deadman not to cripple his best friend! HBK gets in the ring but gets dropped by a punch to the face!

Hunter has just enough time to recover and hit the spinning spinebuster, leaving both men down and out! Triple with a kick to the midsection, the Pedigree, referee Rod Zapata is here to count... NOT ENOUGH! Now it’s the Game’s turn to tease crippling the Deadman with a chair wrapped around his neck, Triple climbs to the second... DIVING STOMP TO THE CHAIR BUT KANE YANKS ZAPATA OUT OF THE RING BEFORE THE THREE!

Triple doesn’t know what to do, but HBK does... HE’S GOT THE SLEDGEHAMMER! KANE GIVES TAKER A CHAIR! SLEDGEHAMMER WINS BUT THERE’S NO REF TO COUNT THE PIN AND THE UNDERTAKER LOCKS HELL’S GATE ON! HHH USES THE HAMMER TO CHOKE THE DEADMAN OUT AND BREAK THE HOLD! Both men spent, running on fumes, crawling for the ropes and trying to compose themselves when HBK comes in and picks the hammer up!

Kane counters him but Michaels take shim out with a low blow! Taker recovers and puts Shawn through to the floor, gasping for air before retrieving the sledgehammer. H gets the kick to the gut and knocks the hammer away but the Pedigree is countered by the back body drop... CHOKESLAM! Up for the Tombstone... SWEET CHIN MUSIC STAGGERS THE UNDERTAKER! HE BLOCKS A SECOND AND GOES TO TOMBSTONE MICHAELS BUT HUNTER SAVES HIS PAL WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT TO THE HEAD!


Triple H wins by pinfall with the Pedigree.

D-Generation X hug in the middle of the ring to celebrate as Undertaker crawls to the ropes. Taker manages to get seated, sledgehammer in hand, and he passes it to HHH to acknowledge his victory. Hunter extends a hand; the Deadman is slow to accept but does in the end and H helps him to his feet and they hug.

Kane joins in on the sportsmanship, passing out what are presumably the devil’s favorite handshakes before all four men stand tall together, arms raised as pyro goes off...


The Brothers of Destruction make their way back up the entryway as D-Generation X lie unconscious in the ring and the wreckage of the announce table respectively.

That’s the show, folks.

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