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Triple H is talking like Super Show-Down may be another last for him

WWE is using a “last ever match” between Undertaker and Triple H to sell Super Show-Down tomorrow (Oct. 6, 2018) at the MCG in Melbourne, Australia. Rumors and reports indicate it won’t actually be the last time those two wrestle, though it may be the last singles match they have against each other.

In the above video, though, Triple H is talking like he may be looking at a different last:

“Twenty five years of the making of I guess, in some way... I don’t know. The last time ever stepping in the ring together, it’s going to be something special. If not for everybody else it certainly will be for us. In some way I feel like this, for me, is probably... you know, I can’t see myself being back here, certainly not in a stadium show in Australia. I’ve been coming here for 25 years so to me if this is nothing more than a ‘thank you’ for all that, it’s worth it.”

Enjoy him while you can, Australia!

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