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Are these the 15 greatest Superstars in SmackDown history?

More importantly, how many are showing up on Oct. 16 for SmackDown 1000?

SmackDown 1000 is almost upon us, and that means lists. Lots of lists. Which is good, because it gives wrestling fans things to debate. And we like to do that. We like it a lot. We’re also really into speculating, and’s latest gives us an opening to do both.

Because in addition to getting us thinking about whether each of the acts they picked are worthy of the honor and if they got the order right for those we agree with, this also has us wondering how many of these folks will be on the Oct. 16 show from Washington, D.C.

The “15 greatest Superstars in SmackDown history”:

15. Michelle McCool
14. JBL
13. John Cena
12. Randy Orton
11. Becky Lynch
10. Rey Mysterio
9. The New Day
8. The Usos
7. Kurt Angle
6. Batista
5. Eddie Guerrero
4. Edge
3. AJ Styles
2. Undertaker
1. The Rock

Regarding the list itself... as is fitting given his history in WWE and on the blue brand, Christian was robbed. Now that I’ve reminded everyone I’m a card carrying member of Capt. Charisma’s Coalition, let’s talk about who to expect at Capital One Arena in a week-and-a-half.

Orton, Lynch, New Day, Jimmy & Jey and AJ are all current members of the SmackDown roster. Rey is heavily rumored to re-debut at or around this episode, and Edge is pretty much expected to appear, too. Batista, McCool, Taker and Vickie Guerrero (repping Eddie always) are all advertised.

JBL put on his old APA duds for a reunion show earlier this year, so it’s hard to imagine he won’t show up somewhere on this one. Angle could appear on a Tuesday without breaking kayfabe, since his mandatory vacation is from Raw.

That leaves the big names - Cena and Rock. It’s hard to believe either would miss it completely, but I don’t know that either will do anything other than a pre-tape or via satellite “congrats” message.

What do you think, Cagesiders? About the list, the line-up for the show, or both?

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