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Charlotte Flair sounds a lot like Roman Reigns now

Remember when it felt like every week brought a new interview with Roman Reigns or someone affiliated with WWE about how "any reaction is a good reaction"? It was a carry over from John Cena's days as a "polarizing" top baby face, but the company leaned on it more, and doubter rolled their eyes harder, for the Big Dog.

What will the reaction be as they start using the company line for another Superstar who's a babyface in the eyes of WWE (and some fans), but not in the opinion of a loud percentage of the audience?

If Charlotte Flair’s press run ahead of her Super Show-Down rematch for the SmackDown Women’s title against friend-turned-enemy Becky Lynch is any indication, we're about to find out.

On a conference call that’s been reported on by outlets like TalkSport and Sportskeeda, Flair commented on the Cena and Reigns-like reactions she’s been getting since returning and starting this program with Becky in August:

"If they didn’t react we’d have a major problem! Whether it was cheers or boos, the most important thing was that people cared. At the end of the day that’s all the matters.”

And we’ll probably hear more answers like that going forward, as Charlotte indicates both that the feud with the popular Lynch and WWE’s belief she’s at least a co-protagonist in the story aren’t going anywhere:

“In my opinion she [Becky] wasn’t justified [for attacking Flair at SummerSlam]. I was granted the match, so for her to turn on me I felt that all those moments I shared with my best friend in and outside the ring for her to throw away over one match was hard.

... Right now I’m really enjoying being that good guy and I look at it as more of a challenge for my character, because I’m having to learn to fit into this role. Having this new dynamic with Becky and having the audience see me lose my best friend will really help that.

... it [their feud] should just keep getting better and better and I think that’s what you’re going to see with Becky and I. SummerSlam and Hell in a Cell we were just scrapping the surface, we’ve get deeper into the storyline and deeper into our roles and it should now just get easier to know where we are going and keep getting better.”

Yay or boo, Cagesiders?

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