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Michael Cole explains why WWE picked female broadcasters for the Mae Young Classic

In general pro wrestling fans, all sports fans for that matter, can find a way to complain about almost anything and everything.

Now five weeks into the second edition of the Mae Young Classic, and you know what we haven’t heard much of online? Complaints about the announce team comprised of Michael Cole, Beth Phoenix and Renee Young.

Pivoting from last year’s broadcast booth of Jim Ross and Lita, the new Mae Young Classic trio has drawn nothing but rave reviews thus far.

In a new interview, Cole explains how this year’s announce team was put together and why the WWE choose to go with two females voices anchoring down the color commentator spots.

“After working with them (Phoenix and Young) for a few months over the summer. I went to Hunter and said ‘hey can we have two women in the booth for the first time, for this tournament? It seems like the right moment for it.’ And he agreed and we’re making history.”

It is also cool to see the WWE picking Kayla Braxton, Shadia Bseiso, Cathy Kelley and Sarah Schreiber as other newer faces to see in a broadcast roles during the Mae Young Classic.

Almost half way through the 2018 Mae Young Classic, how are you liking the chemistry between Michael Cole, Beth Phoenix and Renee Young?

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