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Braun Strowman’s parents make us wish he never turned heel

Get these feels.

The latest wrestler to be featured on WWE’s video series “My Son Is a WWE Superstar” is Braun Strowman and it all really does is make us long for the days when The Monster Among Men was a larger than life babyface.

Strowman is great as a terrifying heel every week on Raw but he was better as the monstrous good guy who did mind boggling feats of strength. It felt like Strowman was just hitting his stride when suddenly his character become a huge jerk and he aligned himself with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

The WWE spent months building up Strowman’s unstoppable aura then they fumbled it away for the sake of Roman Reigns needing his first challenger as Universal champion.

With all that being said, this video on Strowman’s origin story and his time growing up in North Carolina is amazing. Strowman’s parents are great and they dish out of ton of good nuggets about what it was like raising Braun.

To recap

  • Making duct tape nunchucks
  • Breaking a car door when he was a kid
  • His Dad almost throwing hands as a Little League coach
  • Tied to the bleachers at his dad’s softball game then pulling them off their base
  • Lifting seven tons of worth of objects during a Strongman competition
  • The slow burn of his Dad’s feud with Little Nicholas

Also we love that the biggest argument during Strowman’s childhood was about him eating too much food.

How would your rate Braun Strowman’s return to life as a WWE bad guy? Should the WWE have stuck by his anti-hero character traits during his title feud with Roman Reigns?

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