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Happy Halloween, from wrestling

You could say every day is like Halloween in pro wrestling. It’s men and women dressing up and playing characters (or versions of themselves). Many fans join in the fun, either by going along with the altered version of reality on display, or by getting into the act with chants, cosplay and fan-blogs... hey! We resemble that remark!

Even so, the community still likes to do it for the holiday. Here are some of our favorite examples from around social media this Oct. 31st.

It’s a family affair!

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Fred, Wilma, & Pebbles. Happy Halloween 2018.

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NXT always does it up - including bringing in DRAKE MAVERICK as the Boy Wonder...

But maybe Heavy Machinery’s Otis Dozovic took his love of Mandy Rose a little too far?

If just putting on a wrestling shirt and some cutoffs is a costume, every day is Halloween at my house, bay-bee! But I don’t look as good as the former Summer Rae...

Brie Bella went a little more elaborate, but looked just as good rocking a Kara/Supergirl (or is it Lois/Superwoman?) hybrid...

And The Elite don’t just rep the Mushroom Kingdom...

They wrestle there (if the Mushroom Kingdom is a big boat full of inebriated wrestling fans)!

Hope you had a good one, Cagesiders!

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