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Cup of coffee in the big time: During a rough week for WWE fans, focus on some positives

As Crown Jewel draws near, there are plenty of reasons for anger with WWE. Many of which we’ve written about here for the last several weeks.

But we’ve also seen a lot of good lately.

WWE Evolution was not only historic, but great. To see WWE come so far with women’s wrestling that an all-women’s PPV could deliver great matches in front of a good crowd was special.

And we also have seen two competitors with the sway to do so pull out of the event. Daniel Bryan and John Cena have left the event in the dust. Their reasons may be slightly different, but it’s still valuable to see there are competitors who are not willing to put everything aside to do whatever is “the plan.”

There’s also the outpouring of support for Roman Reigns, whose own strength in the face of a terrifying disease has been inspiring. A different kind of difficult time has brought out much good in our little community.

It’s a trying time for wrestling fans. Seeing the thing we love dipped in such ugly issues (often entirely of its own doing) is not an enjoyable experience for anyone. It’s not a surprise to see WWE make the decision to not cancel Crown Jewel, especially with tens of millions of dollars on the table multiple times a year, but it does make enjoyment of “the product” much more difficult.

So, we cling to the positives, the few competitors who chose not to be a part of the action and the women who pulled off a show that seemed impossible until very recently.

And we make our own value judgments on how to proceed with our consumption of WWE. As I wrote yesterday, I believe forcing the conversation to be more valuable than cancelling WWE Network, but I certainly don’t blame anyone for choosing to walk away.

This is a hard week, and part of a hard decade, but try to cling to the positives as best you can if you’re choosing to stick around.

Halfway through the week!

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