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Renee Young reportedly travelling to Saudi Arabia to call Crown Jewel

Renee Taker

Not sure how this will work exactly, but it’s a good public relations move for WWE. And it would seem to actually lend some credence to their oft-stated claim they’re bringing change to Saudi Arabia with their presence in the Kingdom.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting Raw announcer Renee Young will travel with the company to Riyadh and work commentary for the controversy-plagued Crown Jewel pay-per-view (PPV) there on Fri., Nov. 2. The site’s sources told them WWE has been working to make this happen since Young was added to the desk full-time last month. They did not get any details of how Young will be able to work the show given the Kingdom’s restrictions on what women can and can’t do.

We know performing in the ring is definitely something women can’t do in Saudi Arabia, and we also learned from April’s Greatest Royal Rumble that showing women on screen in their usual wrestling gear is also a big no-no.

Those questions will likely be answered soon, as WWE will definitely want to publicize Young’s role in order to counteract negative press they’ve received for their contract with Saudi Arabia in general, and specifically for the decision to go forward with Crown Jewel after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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