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Becky Lynch ‘unleashed a vicious assault on’ Ronda Rousey and all we got is a lousy website blurb

Chalk it up to “plans change”. Maybe even consider it for your comment debates about whether WWE is presenting Becky Lynch as a heel or a neutral “Austin-like” asskicker.

But at some point, someone told the staff at they should include this storyline detail in their preview for Survivor Series’ upcoming showdown between The Champ and Raw Women’s titleholder Ronda Rousey:

“However, the Rowdy titleholder’s celebration was short-lived; just moments after she and Becky stood triumphantly side-by-side along with the rest of the female Superstars in the culmination of the monumental event, The Irish Lass Kicker unleashed a vicious assault on her fellow champion backstage.

In the likely event this gets corrected at some point, here’s a screenshot:

Folks watching on USA Network or following along with us here at cSs know a vicious post-Evolution assault isn’t what we actually saw on Raw last night (Oct. 29) when WWE announced the match for Nov. 18:

Why the change? Did WWE not want to make Ronda look weak, or naive for falling victim to another unexpected attack by a future challenger (she’s just shared a friendly looking moment on stage with Lynch before the above exchange happened) after the Nikki Bella feud started the same way?

Or is this more evidence of a “softening” of Becky’s edges to align her with the support she’s receiving from the WWE Universe?

Maybe we’ll find out tonight on SmackDown. Plans will probably only change two or three times between now and then.

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