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Johnny Gargano explains why some wrestlers want to stay in NXT rather than be called up

Since the beginning, NXT has walked a thin line between breeding new stars for the WWE’s main roster while at the same time running as its own successful pro wrestling brand.

The question then becomes, what is the purpose of NXT? Should it be the best television/pro wrestling promotion possible? Or should it be more focused on training and developing wrestlers before they are called up to the “big leagues”?

According to NXT star Johnny Gargano, more and more wrestlers may be viewing NXT as a more permanent home for their pro wrestling careers.

In a new interview with the Daily Star, Johnny Wrestling was asked if some wrestlers currently down in NXT would look to stay there rather than be called up to Raw or SmackDown.

“I do not see why not. Everyone’s dream – and mine too – is to wrestle at WrestleMania, but right now NXT is such a special place. You have guys like me who have been wrestling around the world for ten years whose goal was to get here, and now we are all here tighter.

We are focused on building something wrestling fans can be proud of, and we are building it together.”

Gargano continued

“Everyone always talks to me about when I am going to the main roster, but I love NXT. And that’s not a company answer, I genuinely love it and I very proud of it.”

In an ideal world wrestlers on Raw, SmackDown and NXT would all be paid their worth regardless of which brand they are currently. The reality is the WWE still treats NXT as its development league and reportedly pays wrestlers as such.

It seems like every time NXT loses wrestlers to the main roster, they reload double time and you never get the feeling the black & yellow brand is ever short on talent.

Does Johnny Gargano have a point? Are some wrestlers/characters just better suited for the NXT Universe?

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