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You guys! Becky Lynch loves us again!

The heel/face game has been a constant of the SmackDown Women’s title feud since Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam. It was clear who WWE saw as the hero, and it didn’t line up with the wrestler a vocal portion of the fans wanted to support.

But with at least the current chapter of Lynch’s rivalry with Flair seemingly finished after Evolution’s kick-ass Last Woman Standing match, it looks like maybe we can also stop playing heel or face with Becky Balboa. One of the clearest signals the company sent about the Badlass’ alignment was when her first post-SummerSlam promo tried to “blame” the fans for distracting her from reaching her full potential. In the wake of her win from last night’s show in Uniondale, New York, Lynch is striking a different note when it comes to her relationship with the adoring masses:

It’s just on social media, so we’ll have to wait and see how this is played on SmackDown tomorrow night (Oct. 30).

The great thing is, if this is indeed indicative of a change to her television character, it’s not a return to the happy-go-lucky fan favorite of old. This can still be The Champ we’ve grown to love as she talks trash and picks fights with the entire roster.

But it would be pretty cool if this means they won’t try to have her talk trash and pick fights with us any more.

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