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WWE Evolution results: Ronda Rousey submits Nikki Bella


The main event of tonight’s (Oct. 28, 2018) WWE Evolution pay-per-view (PPV) at the NYCB Live in Uniondale, New York, was in a tough spot. Becky Lynch and Charlotte had just put on what was arguably the best women’s match in the history of the company, and tore the house down along the way.

Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella weren’t going to top it, they just had to make it interesting.

They did well enough.

The story early in the match was Ronda thoroughly embarrassing Nikki, throwing her around and then literally using her as a puppet to mime her saying “I’m sorry.” She wanted an apology, I guess. The tide didn’t turn until the match went to the outside and Brie could get involved to put Nikki into the post a couple times.

Take your wins how you can get them, right?

The Bellas had control for a while, until Ronda did her usual hulk up thing and hit her finish on both Nikki and Brie. She couldn’t close it from there, however, and they started going back-and-forth, with Ronda kicking out of the Rack Attack.

Not long after, this happened:

And still.

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