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WWE Evolution results: Becky Lynch is still champion after classic Last Woman Standing match with Charlotte Flair

The hottest wrestler in WWE, Becky Lynch, came into Evolution tonight (Sun., Oct. 28, 2018) at NYCB Live in Uniondale, New York, as the SmackDown women’s champion. After a brutal Last Woman Standing match against Charlotte Flair, she remains champion.

“The man,” as she would say.

For whatever it’s worth, Charlotte was roundly booed while Becky was loudly cheered. Thankfully, they didn’t immediately start working holds, considering the nature of the feud. Instead, they went after each other, and it didn’t take long for Becky to break out a kendo stick. Fans then chanted “we want tables,” so Lynch went under the ring and grabbed a chair to throw inside it.

And then another, and another, and another, and Charlotte was doing the same and it wasn’t long before there was an entire pile of chairs. Oh yes, before you ask, they took a bump on them.

First, Becky:

Then, Charlotte:

A table was set up in the corner, and Charlotte did a moonsault on Becky on it and it didn’t break. So she went back up and did a Senton and it finally broke. It did not get a 10 count. Then, suddenly, there was a ladder, and Becky was slamming Charlotte down on top of it. It both looked like it hurt already and Flair did one hell of a sell job for it.

But that, too, did not get a 10 count.

Charlotte followed up with a Figure Eight through the ladder, and at this point it was just carnage all over. Lynch actually tried to grab her title and leave but Flair chased her down in the crowd and they brawled back to ringside. They set up a ladder near an announcer’s table, where Charlotte was laid down and Becky crashed through her with a leg drop.

The referee was just about to get to a 10 count when Charlotte, on her knees still and looking up at Becky, screamed at her “THAT’S ALL YOU’VE GOT?!?”

Becky responded by burying Charlotte in a bunch of desk chairs and pieces of table. She still managed to get up from this and Lynch decided it made her a straight up terminator and cowered in fear. She had good reason, as the challenger blasted her with shots using a kendo stick. Then she put Becky on a table on the outside, intending to hit a moonsault through it. Becky got up and pushed Charlotte through it instead, and that, mercifully, was enough to get the 10 count.

Becky Lynch is still your SmackDown women’s champion.


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