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WWE Evolution results: Sasha, Bayley & Natalya outlast Riott Squad

After more reflections from past and present women’s wrestlers, it was time for Sasha Banks, Bayley, Natalya, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan to claim their piece of history with their six-person tag match at Evolution.

Morgan and Natalya started things off, but it wasn’t long before the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection went to work on Logan. And it wasn’t long after that when Bayley went to take out Riott after a distraction with her drop kick through the corner, only to get kicked into the ring post by Sarah.

The Hugster was in peril for a while after that, despite blasting the heels with forearms on the apron on more than one occassion. She finally fought her way to the corner to bring The Boss in hot, and continue her rivalry with Riott. A backstabber into the Bayley-to-Belly looked like it had ended thngs for the babyface trio...

...but Liv knocked Sasha into Bayley to break-up the pin.

Banks tried to follow that with a flip over the top onto the entire Squad, but missed the jump and landed on the apron. Ruby and company improvised to send Sasha into the barricade...

... but Natalya broke up a subsequent pin attempt, and Bayley covered her best friend to protect her from a Riott senton.

After a kickout, Natty cleaned house, but Morgan broke up a double Sharpshooter. The Hart Dungeon graduate fought alone until her teammates recovered, and then Liv took honorary moves from each - including an Anvil Flatline and a Macho Man elbow drop - ending with an Eddie Guerrero tribute from The Boss for the win.

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