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Charlotte explains how a Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen feud can work while she’s not getting along with Becky Lynch

WWE put together a roundtable discussion for Evolution that featured all three title challengers on the card: Nikki Bella (Raw), Charlotte Flair (SmackDown), and Shayna Baszler (NXT). Naturally, talk of a Four Horsewomen program came up.

While Baszler made clear she’s down to get things rolling whenever, she brought up the fact that the Four Horsewomen of WWE can’t get along with each other and are constantly fighting amongst themselves. Charlotte did a great job explaining how they would get around that if they choose to go forward with a feud between the two factions:

“I definitely see it in the future. You know what they always say: you can pick on your family but when someone else picks on them you go to their defense. I feel like, with the four of us, my Four Horsewomen, that we are family. Yes, Becky and I are divided and we’re not getting along but I feel as if there’s another fraction (sic) ganging up or wanting to fight that we would all bond together.”

Yeah, that works!

And, hey, what do you know, the they’ll all be in the same place at the same time for an event just a few weeks before Survivor Series, an event borne from team warfare.

How bout that.

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