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Becky Lynch is the best

In advance of Evolution and in an effort to promote her Last Man Standing match against Charlotte Flair, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch participated in an AMA session on Reddit. The whole thing is worth your time but I’m particularly interested in her response to someone asking what is left of her to accomplish in WWE:

“My goal is to revisit all the people who did me dirty over the years. I’ve got them saved to memory and I don’t care if it takes me jumping rosters or it takes me the rest of my career -- all they need to know is I’m coming.”

Becky was great before she turned on Charlotte at SummerSlam but what she’s done since then, from the way she bodied Edge at SmackDown 1000 to using Twitter to run down the entire women’s division without provocation, has been downright legendary.

She rules.

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