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Becky Lynch explains the science behind her rise in popularity

At her current trajectory maybe they will be building statues of Becky Lynch in the near future.

The best part of Lynch’s current rise in popularity inside the WWE’s constructed universe is that it feels organic. In 2018, pro wrestling fans are as discerning and as cynical as ever. Getting a fresh, organic and homegrown reaction from the crowd may be more difficult than ever but that is exactly what Becky Lynch has been able to pull off over the past few months.

Lynch’s chase of and run with the SmackDown women’s title has been so good at times, that fans are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. We don’t want to ask it, but is there going to come a day where the WWE micromanages the fun right out of The Irish Lass Kicker?

For now, we’ll enjoy the ride right along side Lynch.

Making the media rounds in New York City today (Oct. 26) to promote her last woman standing match with Charlotte Flair at Evolution this Sunday, Lynch stopped SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. During the interview Lynch was asked about why so many fans are now getting behind her and the champ gave a very detailed breakdown of it all.

“This is all authentic. This is all real. This is all happening, where I’ve gotten-the first time I got the title it was just a huge opportunity. Huge just emotional journey that I was on and I felt so overwhelmed, and almost too overwhelmed, to where I lost it and I was almost apologetic for having it. And then it’s overcoming those hurdles again. So they get to see everything happening in reality because it all feels very real to me.”

Lynch goes on to point to the fact that she never won the women’s title in NXT, so when she won the title on the main roster she didn’t have to fake that the moment was really life changing for her.

There’s keeping it real and then there is keeping it whatever Becky Lynch is doing right now.

Assuming Lynch dispatches of Flair at Evolution on Sunday, what should the SmackDown women’s champion next feud be?

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