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UFC fighter CM Punk turns 40 years old today

Happy Birthday CM Punk.

On this day, or any day really, we hope CM Punk is doing something he enjoys with a smile on his face.

We are nearly eight years removed from Punk’s infamous pipebomb promo and WWE title win at Money in the Bank. The Summer of Punk brought many lapsed pro wrestling fans back for a peek at what was going on. For that, we thank Punk on his birthday.

Since Punk’s shining moment his career trajectory has been all over the place. It’s now coming up on the five year anniversary of Punk leaving the WWE and retiring from pro wrestling.

Over the last few weeks Punk has been extra quiet on social media. He’s never really that active but his last Instagram post came on Sept. 26 and he has used Twitter, for anything other than hockey, sparingly in October.

Punk’s name came up again this week during a Shane McMahon promo about Crown Jewel. Before that 205 Live’s Jack Gallagher was using his name as a punchline.

When we last heard from the man himself, Punk was still stating he was done with pro wrestling but not from competing in MMA.

Happy Birthday CM Punk, the pro wrestling world is still a lot more interesting with you in it.

What is your favorite moment in Punk’s wrestling career? Favorite match to watch again?

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