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Nikki Bella still wants to beat every woman who says Diva is a bad word

Somewhere along the way in the culture of WWE and pro wrestling being a ‘Diva’ became a derogatory term.

In all other walks of life the word ‘Diva” can be used a compliment or a put down. Nikki Bella may be alone on island but she is still championing the term ‘Diva’ right in the face of the women’s revolution.

Why run from your past when you can embrace it or learn from it?

Appearing on the In This Corner podcast to promote her match with Ronda Rousey at Evolution this Sunday, Bella dropped an epic rant on the Diva’s era of WWE women’s wrestling.

“I think that’s what hard for the women of that era now because Triple H and that group decided to say it was a bad word. It’s like wait what do you mean? You guys for years taught us to make this an amazing word and that's what we did. We put our blood, sweat and tears into this. And I saw the work that went into that.”

Bella continued

“It was beautiful. I got to be a part of that bride you said when people wanted to see more of us and that was beautiful. Then when it gets taken away from the Diva era, that hurts me. That’s why I’m back. You think Diva is a bad word? Then I’m going to kick your ass and show you Diva isn’t a bad word.”

Check out the full clip below.

Some strong words from Bella here and she hit on a lot of good points. From when Lita and Trish Stratus wrestling on the main event up until the #GiveDivasaChance movement, in the mean time a lot of good women’s wrestling happened in the WWE.

Are the women of Divas era overlooked too much for the role they played in WWE’s self title women’s evolution?

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