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Cup of coffee in the big time: How much gushing over “progressive” Saudi Arabia can we expect from WWE at Crown Jewel?

Activists March From White House To State Dep’t To Protest Khashoggi Murder Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Just like right is right, business is business. It’s just that business often comes before right.

We’ve established corporate personhood in America. The problem is corporations don’t have morality, they have executives and investors.

So, it’s entirely unsurprising today’s third quarter financials from WWE included final confirmation the company would be going through with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia — an event they’re so proud of they haven’t mentioned the location for weeks.

A little thing like the murder and dismemberment of a journalist (which Saudi Arabia now says was premeditated) certainly wasn’t going to stop WWE from making a boatload of money — especially when the details of today’s call make it clear how financially impactful the Saudi events are.

And it’s not as though this is a shocking twist in the story of Saudi Arabia, a country simultaneously demanding a “progressive” reputation for allowing women to drive and jailing female activists for protesting to get that right. Too many fans let the narrative of Greatest Royal Rumble fall to “it’s awful women can’t wrestle there” rather than “it’s awful they’re jailing and executing activists and minorities at an almost unheard of rate.”

So the beat goes on, and the GIFs of Vince McMahon bounce around the internet.

The question now becomes: Is WWE obligated to continue their gushing propaganda for the country during Crown Jewel? Do they have to boast of the “progressive” nature of the Saudi Government and the brilliance of Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 plan?

It’s hard to imagine these things aren’t a part of the deal, but they serve as further signs of just how firmly WWE is seated on the scale of money vs. people.

Thursday! Let’s get it done!

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