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What the hell, WWE

WWE is just days away from the first ever all women’s pay-per-view it will have promoted in the entire history of the company. It’s called Evolution, and they’ve pushed it like it’s a big deal with their words, but their actions don’t really line up with that.

Oh, sure, they did a special that aired on USA Network after Monday Night Raw, but one need only look at both Raw and SmackDown Live this week to see how important they believe this show to actually be.

Let’s just look at the playlists for Raw and SmackDown that we put up on this site that provide a nice little breakdown of everything WWE presented on that show:

  • Raw featured 14 videos (not counting fallout stuff) and only 4 of them had to do with Evolution. That’s the same amount that had something related to Crown Jewel, a disgraced event that is “in jeopardy” that no one believes WWE should even be running. That show, remember, is the same one women aren’t allowed to work out.
  • SmackDown featured 11 videos (not counting fallout stuff) and only 2 of them had to do with Evolution. Seven of the other videos are related to Crown Jewel.

Raw gets leeway due to the Roman Reigns bombshell, but there is no excuse for what WWE presented on SmackDown. This was the very last show before the event and all they did for the hugely popular Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair storyline was a pre-taped angle, and a pre-taped interview segment. Then, later, they did the standard battle royal preview for the SmackDown women involved in that match.

As has been pointed out here already, they chose to main event SmackDown this week with a Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton match. Hell, the segment before that, Shane McMahon came back and promoted the event for just a couple sentences before moving right along to Crown Jewel so he could talk about the WWE World Cup — which was booed — for the next few minutes.

Seriously, WWE: what the hell?!?

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