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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Season 2, episode 6

Season two of WWE Mixed Match Challenge continues tonight (Tues., Oct. 23, 2018) with the latest match-ups in the round robin tournament.

Up next: Team Pawz (0-2) vs. B’n’B (1-1) and Team Awe-suka vs. (2-0) vs. Day One Glow (1-1).

The show starts immediately following SmackDown Live at 10 pm ET on Facebook Watch. See you then!

MMC live blog

Geno here, ready for that comedic action, boss.

Team Pawz vs. B’n’B

Bayley didn’t get her own entrance, instead coming out to Balor’s music but with the Bayley buddies. They really do work as the happy tag team.

They were very complimentary before the match. Nattie complimented Bayley and Balor kindly suggested to Roode that they start the action off. Bobby agreed. They exchanged jackets, and Roode had a hell of a time getting into the black leather. He worked the gimmick, giving Finn a Too Sweet to the forehead. So Balor did the “GLORIOUS” bit and then attacked while Bobby was trying to get his jacket off.

Bobby never could get it off, so he tagged Nattie in to go work on that on the outside.

Bayley and Natalya wrestled, until it was time for Roode and Balor to get in and wrestle. They did the customary backstage shot of another team, this time Naomi and Jimmy Uso, who were bickering.

Back in the ring and Bayley celebrated taking Nattie out by running around and shouting. She was going to hug Finn but Natalya pulled her out of the ring and that set up a couple false finishes from a recovered Roode. Bobby’s “Glorious” stuff isn’t nearly as over as it once was.

Anyway, Roode went up top but it backfired and Balor ultimately hit Coup de Grace for the three count.

Team B’n’B def. Team Pawz

We get a look at the standings and Team Pawz are now 0-3 while B’n’B are 2-1, just behind Monster Eclipse and Country Dominance, who are both 2-0. We’ll see the former team next week against Mahalicia.

They did promos and they’re just catchphrases anymore. They’re bad.

Team Awe-suka vs. Day One Glow

We’re reminded quickly that Miz & Asuka have never lost in the Mixed Match Challenge. Meanwhile, Newark got to enjoy two separate Naomi entrances tonight. That’s cool!

Meanwhile, Asuka and Naomi started things off after recently teaming together and commentary was quick to point that out. Not like it matters much, considering the world MMC exists in, which is its own. Anyway, Naomi and Asuka both tried their ass based offense at the same time, and then laughed and danced about it right after. Miz was horrified on the apron.

“There’s no hugging in wrestling,” he told Asuka. “No hugs!”

Jimmy got in and hugged his wife, imploring Miz to do some hugging too. In lieu of that, Miz tried to leave. Jimmy ran after him, threw him in the ring, and then locked in a side bearhug. Miz got out, knocked him down, and hugged himself.

It was time to go backstage to show us Rusev and Lana, who were laughing about how Miz and Asuka’s team name should be “Mizka.

Back in the ring, Noami and Asuka got a little sloppy before the fellas came back in to work some comedy along with their punches. They set up for Day One Glow to hit the double ass in the corner but not long after, Asuka took Naomi out and Miz came in to hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin. Still undefeated.

Team Awe-suka def. Day One Glow

Updated SmackDown standings show us Team Awe-suka is 3-0 while Day One Glow is now 1-2. Next week, we’ll get Ravishing Rusev Day taking on Fenomenal Flair. Rusev cut a promo doing a bad AJ Styles accent while Lana did the “wooooo” gimmick. Then Charlotte and AJ got their turn, with Flair doing the splits and Styles struggling to get into the position.

See you next week!

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