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More conflicting reports on Roman Reigns’ status

UPDATE: Reigns has revealed he has leukemia and will be seeking treatment immediately.

When Roman Reigns missed the weekend house show loop, which was notable because it was a “Supershow” he was advertised as headlining beforehand, it led to questions on what his status may be. Then, earlier today, reports started making the rounds that he’s injured, which, coupled with some other big stars apparently not wanting to work in Saudi Arabia, may be enough to throw the Crown Jewel event into question.

Not so fast.

There are now conflicting reports from PW Insider. That site said one source told them Reigns was simply given the weekend off — which wouldn’t do much to explain his being advertised as the main event all the way up to showtime — and that he is backstage at Monday Night Raw in Providence, Rhode Island. In regards to a potential injury, they’re also saying he was seen working out inside the ring earlier and looked fine, so maybe he’s not injured after all.

As usual in pro wrestling, it’s hard to separate truth from fiction, but that’s what is out there right now. We’ll know a lot more by the end of the night, considering WWE will have to play its hand soon enough with Raw just a few hours away.

Stay tuned.

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