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I need more in character Bray Wyatt commentary on NFL personnel decisions

Bray Wyatt’s promos on WWE television aren’t much to get excited about anymore because, well, the creative team doesn’t much know how to handle a character like that. It’s led to some really bad storytelling.

He’s off TV right now, and maybe going through something of a reset with said character. But that’s not why we’re here. No, we’re here because the Oakland Raiders, Wyatt’s favorite NFL team, traded Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys today for a 1st round draft pick and he had a take on it that reads like it’s still in character.

Unfortunately, he deleted the tweet but this is the Internet:


Remember, he also had a take when they traded all world defensive end/linebacker Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears back in September:

In lieu of pro wrestling, I now badly want Wyatt to simply make in character comments on all NFL personnel decisions. How does he feel about the Jacksonville Jaguars naming Blake Bortles the starting quarterback for next week? What about Patrick Peterson demanding a trade and the Arizona Cardinals denying that request? I’d far prefer listening to Wyatt than the NFL talking heads littered throughout ESPN and NFL Network.

Wouldn’t you?

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