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Who does & doesn’t show up at Raw tonight could be very interesting (possible spoilers)

UPDATE: Reigns has revealed he has leukemia and will be seeking treatment immediately.

WWE doesn’t list him yet, but it was already reported that Shawn Michaels was likely for Raw in Providence, Rhode Island tonight (Oct. 22). HBK has a match to promote for next Fri., Nov. 2 in Saudi Arabia (we think) and he was the only man in the planned D-Generation X vs. Brothers of Destruction tag who didn’t speak on camera last week. So it’s not surprising he’d be there. Same with an update this morning from PWInsider saying Triple H would join him for a segment as DX.

That same source is saying Lita and Trish Stratus will be on hand for Raw to hype their tag match at Evolution this Sunday (Oct. 28). Also not surprising, and hopefully with either less mic time or a better scripted promo for the Hall of Famers than they got last Monday.

That’s where it could get interesting, too. One of Lita and Trish’s planned opponents for this weekend’s pay-per-view (PPV), Alexa Bliss, was missing from Sunday’s house show in Boston. Bliss is just back from injury, and missing a show one night after wrestling Saturday may not be a big deal. Wrestling Observer reports they heard talk she could be injured again, but notes they were unable to confirm anything.

The Observer also points out that Universal champ Roman Reigns didn’t work any of this weekend’s shows, despite being advertised in Bangor, Maine, Hartford, Connecticut & Boston. They similarly report there’s been no word on what led to Reigns missing these dates.

There’s also a question about Rey Mysterio after he missed Sunday’s “super-show” in Boston.

We’ll wonder about the recently returned, and allegedly in great shape, Mysterio on Tuesday. Tonight, we’ll be keeping a close eye on who shows up for Raw, and an even closer one on who doesn’t.

UPDATES: Insider says Reigns is backstage in Providence for tonight’s show, while Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports is saying he’s heard from sources that Reigns is injured. Stay tuned.

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