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Batista had a hell of a day at SmackDown 1000

WWE had cameras following Batista around both leading up to and after his appearance at SmackDown 1000 this past Tuesday night in Washington D.C. The long and short of it is that “The Animal” had one hell of a day.

He had to film scenes for his upcoming movie, “My Spy,” before hopping on a flight to D.C. just six hours before SmackDown was set to go on the air. Then he was backstage, shaking hands and hugging as many people as he could find.

He even rubs Triple H’s head!

It’s endearing, seeing him be so open and honest about how nervous he was, and Vince McMahon telling him to go out and be that open and honest. It seems clear this really is as special to him as he says. Special enough to work his day job, fly in, make his appearance, and immediately fly right back out.

Here’s to the next one.

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