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This better not be Big Show, Cesaro & Sheamus’ stable name

It’s barely even a line item in a post on PWInsider, and the site cautions that this is only how WWE people were discussing the new alliance between Big Show and The Bar backstage at SmackDown 1000 this past Tuesday (Oct. 16).

But this is a company who thought it was a great idea to have all factions and groups put the word “Team” in front of a catchphrase for a while. And Show has been involved in partnerships which just mashed his name onto someone else’s before. So I’m not gonna completely dismiss the possibility they’ll try to push this as an actual thing...


Yes, there are things called showbars. They’re usually in resort towns, places where you can get a drink and see some live entertainment. But it’s not a widely used or common term.

Plus, unlike Show-Miz, that isn’t a play on words that fits the gimmick of any of the men involved (aside from including part of the World’s Largest Athlete’s kayfabe name). Sure, the now five-time tag team champs once filmed some cheesy scenes in a bar, but their name comes from their claim to be the standard others try to reach within the division, not their love of drinking in public.

Honestly, I don’t have any better ideas - other than to just continue to call them The Bar, just with three members instead of two. Adding a seven-time World champ only backs up their claim about being the bar, right?

Any ideas? Or fess up if you like the name Showbar so we can shame you.

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