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GIF: Daniel Bryan & Shelton Benjamin hit heads on diving headbutt spot

For those suggesting Daniel Bryan should scale back on some of his older moves, you may have new evidence to support your case.

When Bryan retired from the ring in 2016 it was due to concussions and brain injuries that WWE doctors could not fully pinpoint. Two years later, Bryan was cleared to return to in-ring competition and many assumed he would adapt his style to protect himself from future head injuries.

Back as an active wrestler for several months, Bryan has rarely had moments in the ring where fans cringed or had second thoughts about his move set. This week on SmackDown, Bryan had a missed diving headbutt spot with Shelton Benjamin that was dangerously close to being much worse.

Bryan and Benjamin clearly clash heads, with both men looking to be briefly shaken up from the exchange.

This comes only a few days after Daniel Bryan took to social media to defend his wife Brie Bella after the backlash she received after a pair of missed kicks lead to Liv Morgan suffering a concussion.

Accidents happen, but should Bryan be thinking about removing the diving headbutt from his arsenal?

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