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WWE Raw viewership hitting record lows

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We used to be used to Monday Night Raw viewership holding steady just over three million viewers, then it held steady just under three million viewers, and now it seems we may have to get used to viewership holding steady just over two million viewers.

And maybe even dipping below it, at least for one of the three hours.

This week’s show, per Showbuzz Daily, averaged 2.30 million viewers, down just slightly from last week’s 2.35 million. But look at this hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 2.50 million
Hour two: 2.32 million
Hour three: 2.08 million

That is dangerously close to an hour under the two million mark, and, as the Wrestling Observer points out, it’s the least watched hour in over 20 years. This despite the fact that the entire show built to the main event segment, where Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker, and Kane were all involved in a big show closing angle.

Yes, there was a really good Monday Night Football game over on ESPN but those numbers are downright shocking considering what we’re used to. We’ll see what next week looks like.

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