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Drew McIntyre LOVES to thrust

... is just one revelation from a surprisingly sexy ‘Table for 3’.

The band got back together for the newest episode of Table For 3. No, not that one. The three man band, baby. Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre sat down to reminisce about their 2012 - 2014 run as the enhancement talent comedy act known as 3MB.

It’s an entertaining 25 minutes with a likeable trio as they describe how a WWE Superstar’s life can go from “creative has nothing for you” to a weird role that you somehow still manage to get over. And maybe I’ve been hanging out with Stella Cheeks in the Cageside offices too much lately, but the items which jumped out at me were Drew Boo-related.

Jinder Mahal: You guys remember where we almost killed 3MB because we didn’t know that we were supposed to air guitar or be a rock band. I’m Indian dancing, [to Heath Slater] you’re air guitaring, [to McIntyre] I can’t remember what you’re doing...

Drew: I was just thrusting away.

Heath: You were thrusting. You LOVE to thrust.

Alrightee then.

A thrusting Celt isn’t the only innovation 3MB brought into our lives. Those tight leather pants the three men always wore (once they got on the same page about the gimmick)? Those resulted in McIntyre’s finisher, and probably a concussion:

“I discovered my finish now, the Claymore kick, when I was wearing the leather pants because they’re so tight. I remember in a match on Raw one time, I ran to big boot Ryback and I lifted my leg, because the pants are so tight, I kicked up my other foot - knocked myself loopy. So I gave him like the Claymore. It was supposed to be a big boot. I got up and was so out of it that I gave him like an arm wring in the middle of the ring, let his arm go and just walked over, tagged out and fell out the ring to the floor. That’s where the Claymore came from.”

The head trauma obviously sucks, but it’s a cool finish. And all because of tight pants!

Don’t let my fixation on Scottish sexiness misrepresent the episode. There’s good stuff here about McIntyre and Mahal’s releases, the pressure of being “The Chosen One”, how Nexus’ memorable debut came about and Tout.

Yes. Tout.

The above clip contains the thrusting revelation, and watch the whole episode here.

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