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Rusev is obsessed with Milwaukee

Rusev Day is no more. Love it or hate it, that has something to do with something concerning Aiden English, Lana and Milwaukee.

English didn’t say what went down with Lana in Wisconsin’s largest city, just that he would show Rusev - and all of us at home - video proof on SmackDown tonight (Oct. 2). The implication seemed clear, but it could be misdirection on the Artiste’s part or an attempt at a comedic swerve by WWE. Even if it does have something to do with the Ravishing Russian being unfaithful to Rusev, we don’t know if Aiden was involved or just got his hands on a tape.

Sorry - I’m trying to be impartial, but I really don’t like this angle.

So let’s get to the most (possibly only) fun part... Rusev being passive aggressively obsessed with Brew Town while promoting Mixed Match Challenge!

Will the Lion of Bulgaria get the answers he needs so he can focus on Ravishing Rusev Day’s match against Day One Glow on Facebook tonight?

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