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I need to get over Shawn Michaels being bald so I can enjoy his comeback

One thing I’ve learned as a wrestling blogger? People click on posts about hair.

It’s probably something I should have realized. I do cover a business that likes to occassionally end their stories with one character shaving another. Promoters have long known about our follicular obsession.

This isn’t even the first time we as a fandom have been driven to distraction by this particular performer’s mane.

So, I should be okay with Shawn Michaels following Triple H into the cueball-dom, right?

At least I’m not alone...

The volume on this stuff really gets turned up when it’s old H-B-Shizzle. Is it just how popular he is? The incongruity of seeing the “Sexy Boy” turn into a mature man?

I’ll chalk it up to our shared fear of aging and mortality, and hope I can get over it by the time he’s allegedly supposed to lace up the boots again in November. While I don’t share my friend Claire’s love of old people wrestling, I am excited to see what a very fit - and evidently cleanly shaven - Michaels brings to the squared circle at 53 years of age. I think I’ll get over it.

But I may get thrown off all over again if he comes out with leather chaps but no hair.

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