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Reminder: Kevin Owens is a treasure

With all the attention on Elias getting an old-woman-swinging-on-Hollywood-Hogan reaction by stringing the words “Seattle”, “basketball” and “Oklahoma City” into a few sentences on Raw last night (Oct. 1), it’s easy to overlook his partner in crime.

And, for my money, Kevin Owens is one of the more entertaining people to ever work in the wrestling business. Some baffling booking and his current role as an upper mid-card heel don’t change that.

For a reminder, look no further than this moment during his match with Bobby Lashley last night. During an otherwise uneventful trip to Resthold City, KO took a moment for some creative trash talking of the Destroyer and especially his “hype man”, 205 Live’s Lio Rush:

How can you not love that big S.O.B.?

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