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Charlotte Flair is about protecting kayfabe, and we need more of that

Total Divas ratings are low and rumors are going around that WWE is thinking of trying to get Ronda Rousey on board with joining the cast to help turn that around. Which, yeah, that makes sense. But also, no, because that means pulling the curtain back on yet another character.

Don’t we get enough of that already? And aren’t the ratings an indication that it isn’t working all that well now, if it ever was before?

Either way, it’s refreshing to hear Charlotte Flair explain to Yahoo! Sports that she isn’t doing the show to protect kayfabe, because she cares that much about her character and what is best for said character:

“For me, my character has always come first and foremost and how far I want to take the women’s division. I’ve worked so hard on this character and I’m not sure lifting the curtain is the right move right now. Especially when I first started and was a bad guy, people believed I really fired my dad! I just don’t know how that would have helped with my storyline. I almost think there’s a mystique to not knowing everything about me.”

It wouldn’t have helped that story one bit to show her on Total Divas making it very clear none of this is legitimate. Before you rush to tell me that such a thing is already clear, that is not the point nor has it ever been the point. The point is that the business works best when that fact is not acknowledged and, actually, is pushed back against as hard as possible.

We need more wrestlers like Charlotte who are unwilling to sacrifice their characters for a reality show.

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