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Rhea Ripley has zero chill when it comes to Tegan Nox’s injury

In writing about the latest episode of the 2018 Mae Young Classic, Stella Cheeks and I both gave credit to Rhea Ripley for her handling of the quarterfinal match which was stopped when her opponent, Tegan Nox, suffered a devastating list of leg injuries. Part of what we complimented the Australian wrestler for was maintaining her heel character throughout an emotional and dangerous moment.

Ripley continued to do so when the episode aired, using Twitter to reinforce how little she cared about Nox and her injury:

But a day later, Rhea was still at it...

Poor Tegan wasn’t ready, and walked right into a pun worthy of the old Becky Lynch (and that the new Becky Lynch is probably jealous of)...

Nox had a better comeback for that, accusing her new nemesis of unoriginality. Ripley may not write all her own material, but as the headline says she has zero chill:


That’s good heeling. And when Tegan’s done healing, she’s gonna be a hot babyface for what should be a great rivalry.

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