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Tegan Nox provides update on her leg injury and surgery

How tough is Tegan Nox?

In 2017, the 23-year-old Nox had to pull out the Mae Young Classic with a torn ACL. For the 2018 edition of the tournament, Nox showed up with a brace on her knee and looked good to go. Then the worst possible thing happened and reports started to surface during the August tapings for the 2018 Mae Young Classic, that once again Nox was bitten by the injury bug.

Last night the quarterfinals for the tourney aired and Nox’s injury was shown in its entirety on the WWE Network. Even knowing the outcome beforehand, it was still brutal to watch Nox go through another in-ring injury.

From Nox herself, the injury that aired was actually worst than it already looked.

Per Nox she is now two months into her rehab.

Listing out her injures from the Mae Young Classic, it sounds like Nox’s body suffered through not one but multiple car crashes. Dislocated kneecap, torn MCL, torn LCL, torn ACL, both meniscus torn, multiple bone contusions and a second fracture on her left tibia.

Again, how tough is Nox for trying to finish that match?

Cheers to a full and complete recovery for Tegan Nox as well as a long run in the 2019 Mae Young Classic.

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